Reformatting the Hard Drive

This site and blog have lain dormant for the better part of six months. When I created it, I was overwhelmed by working three jobs, simultaneously working on and ignoring my dissertation and trying to enjoy my life at home. Things have slowed down just enough to allow me time and space to work on the website and hopefully start blogging more often. I’m down to one really great job at Lyon-Martin where I am getting to stretch myself in ways I didn’t think possible – creating two large and diverse curricula, new forms of data entry, or navigating a non-profit community clinic structure.

I’ve been so inspired by my colleagues who blog regularly with such strong, vibrant voices of activism and intellectual thought. Among my favorites are the ever brilliant Eric Grollman, Tressie McMillan Cottom, Trudy at Gradient Lair, and Deborah Lupton (one of my personal sociology heroes). Other general brilliant sociology blogs to check out are Sociological Images (highly recommended for a sociology teaching resource) or Sociology for the People, a blog focused on public sociology and activism. Please send me any great sociology blogs – always happy to add more to my overflowing Feedly list.

I hope to blog more often about news topics or my personal journey at the tail end of my graduate school experience. We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m off to finish up phone interview notes (who knew I’d be hiring a research staff??) and then read more recent social science literature on The Biggest Loser – a thrilling Friday afternoon.


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