You can download a PDF of my full CV (click here: (click here).

Below is a shortened form of my full CV.


2016    PhD                             University of California, San Francisco
2009    MPH                           Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
2006    BS, Psychology          University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha, OK


2017-               Assistant Professor of Sociology, CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA


Medical Sociology, embodiment, obesity/fat studies, health disparities, LGBTQ/queer health, sexuality & sex work, mixed research methods.


Selected Refereed Journal Articles

2018                Ingraham, N. Perceptions of Body Size and Health among Older Queer Women of Size Following Participation in a Health Program. Journal of Culture, Health & Sexuality. Online first.

2018                Ingraham, N., Erin Wingo, & Sarah Roberts. Inclusion of LGBTQ Persons in research related to pregnancy risk: A cognitive interview study. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health. Online first.

2018                Gomez, Anu, Arteaga, Stephanie, Ingraham, Natalie, Arcara, Jennet, & Villasenor, Elodia. It’s not planned, but is it okay? The acceptability of unplanned pregnancy among young couples. Women’s Health Issues. 28(5): 408-414.

2018                Wingo, Erin, Ingraham, Natalie, and Roberts, Sarah CM. Reproductive healthcare priorities and barriers to effective care for LGBTQ people assigned female at birth: a qualitative study. Women’s Health Issues. 28(4): 350-357.

2016                Ingraham, N., Harbatkin, D., Lorvick, J., Plumb, M. & Minnis AM. Women’s Health and Mindfulness (WHAM): A Randomized Intervention among Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Health Promotion & Practice.

2016                Ingraham, N., Eliason, ME, Garbers, S., Harbatkin, D., Minnis, AM. McElroy, JA., & Haynes, SG. Effects of Mindfulness Interventions on Health Outcomes in Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S53-S62.

2016                Ingraham, N. Magrini, D. Brooks, J. Harbatkin, D., Radix, A. Haynes, SG. Two Tailored Provider Curricula Promoting Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S36-S42.

2015                Ingraham, N., Pratt, V., & Gorton, N. Counting Trans* Patients: A Community Health Center Case Study. Transgender Studies Quarterly, 2(1): 136-147

2015                Eliason, M., Ingraham, N., Fogel, S., Lorvick, J., Maurey, D.R., McElroy, J., & Haynes, S. A Systematic Review of the Literature on Weight in Sexual Minority Women. Women’s Health Issues, 25(2):162-75. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2014.12.001.

2014                Satinsky, Sonya. & Ingraham, Natalie. At the intersection of Public Health and Fat Studies: Critical perspectives on the measurement of body size. Journal of Fat Studies, 3(2). DOI: 10.1080/21604851.2014.889505.

2014                Ingraham, Natalie., Roberts. Sarah & Weitz, Tracy. Prior Family Planning Experiences of Obese Women Seeking Abortion Care. Women’s Health Issues, 24(1), e125-e130.

2013                Ingraham, Natalie. Queering Pornography Through Qualitative Methods. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. 3969-3992

Book Chapters

2019                Ingraham, Natalie “Health at Every Size (HAES™) as a Reform (Social) Movement within Public Health: A Situational Analysis”. Book Chapter in The Body & Embodiment Handbook, Ed. Natalie Boero & Kate Mason. Oxford University Press.

2015                Ingraham, Natalie. “Queering Porn: Gender and size diversity within SF Bay Area Queer Pornography”. Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism. Ed. Caroline Walters and Helen Hester. London: Routledge.


California State University, East Bay, Dept. of Sociology & Social Services

Introduction to Sociological Research Methods
Research Methods in Sociology I
Research Methods in Sociology II
Sociology of the Family
Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Sexualities
Sociology Capstone


2017-2018     CSU East Bay Faculty Support Grant ($5000)
Project: “Exploring the increase of transgender health care in family planning clinics in the United States”

2014                UCSF SBS Strauss Dissertation Award ($3000)
2012                UCSF Graduate Division Dissertation Research Award ($3000)
2010-2014       UCSF Dean’s Health Science Fellowship
2009-2010       UCSF Graduate Division Fellowship


2017    UCSF-UC Berkeley Students for Racial Justice, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (STRIDE) Combating Weight Stigma and Fat Phobia in Healthcare

2017    San Francisco State University. Master’s of Public Health Program
Qualitative Health Research Panel

2017    Planned Parenthood of Northern California Quarterly Staff Meeting
Workshop title: Weight stigma in the reproductive health context

2014    San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium/California Area Health Education Center Workshop title: Gender, Sexuality and Body Size Cultural Competency for Community Health Centers.

2012    National Abortion Federation, Washington, DC Weight Stigma & Reproductive Healthcare: A Dissertation Project Proposal.

2011    National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) Summer Institute on Sexuality, San Francisco, CA Queering pornography: Narratives of participation and diversity in queer pornography.


Selected Research Presentations

2018    Ingraham. N. Wider Slider Bars: Navigating Sexuality for Older Queer Women in the Bay Area of California. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, PA.

2018    Ingraham, N. Exploring the Increase of Transgender Health Care in Family Planning Clinics in the United States. American Sociological Association Sexualities Preconference, Philadelphia, PA

2017    Ingraham, N. Best Practices for LGBTQ Inclusion and Exclusion in Reproductive Health Research. Poster presentation. Society for Family Planning Forum Meeting. Atlanta, GA.

2016    Ingraham, N. Out of Touch, Out of Time: Older Queer Women’s Engagement with Fat Acceptance Movements. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA.

2016    Ingraham, N. Health at Every Size (HAES™) as a Reform (Social) Movement within Public Health: A Situational Analysis. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA

2015    Ingraham, N. & Harbatkin, D. Removing barriers for LB women of size using cultural competency & motivational interviewing. Workshop presented at the Gay And Lesbian Medical Association Annual Meeting, Portland, OR,

2014    Ingraham, N. Evaluation of provider-led, healthy weight program for lesbian and bisexual women over 40 in the San Francisco Bay Area. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

2014    Ingraham, N. Body size measurements in public health: A social justice & weight stigma perspective. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

2014    Ingraham, N. (2014). The Biggest Loser: Constructing the Perfect (Thin, Straight, White, Male) Body in Reality Television. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

2012    Ingraham, N. Queering pornography: Queer activism & sexuality in the Bay Area. National Women’s Studies Association Annual Meeting, Oakland, CA.

2012    Ingraham, N. & Roberts, S. Prior family planning experiences of obese women seeking abortion care. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA.

2012    Ingraham, N. Embodying Risk: Fatness, Sexuality and Public Health Risk. Midwest Sociological Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN.

2011    Ingraham, N. & Dworkin, S. A content analysis of the Biggest Loser. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC.

2010    Ingraham, N. Queering pornography: Narratives of participation and diversity in queer pornography. Qualitative Inquiry Congress, Champagne-Urbana, Illinois.

2010    Ingraham, N. Is MySpace A Queer Space: Methods for Instant Message Interviews in a Qualitative Analysis of GLB Youth and Social Networking Website Use in Relation to Well-Being. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.


2017    Author Meets Critic: “Contesting Intersex: A Dubious Diagnosis by Georgiann Davis.” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Portland, OR.


2015    “Sociology of Sexuality: Identity and the Discursive Construction of Sexuality”. American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.


2016-2017       Staff Research Associate
“Young Couples Study” with Dr. Anu Manchikanti Gomez
UC Berkeley – School of Social Work

2016-2017       Staff Research Associate
“LGBT Populations & Reproductive Health Research”
UC San Francisco – Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, School of Medicine

2015                Regional Coordinator
School & Community-Based LGBTQ Suicide Prevention
The Trevor Project, Marin County, CA

2015                Research Assistant/Coordinator
“TRUST Study – Trauma Realization Uncovered by Sisterhood Today”
PIs: Dr. Carol-Dawson Rose & Dr. Yvette Cuca
UCSF – School of Nursing, Dept. of Community Health Nursing

2012-               Research Consultant
Ingraham Research Consulting

2012 – 2015    Project Coordinator                                                                                                WHAM (Women’s Health and Mindfulness) in Lesbian and Bisexual Women”
PI: Alexandra Minnis, PhD – RTI, International

 Additional Training

2017                CA Breast Cancer Research Program QuickStart Training in Community-Based Participatory Research
2008                Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture & Society
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Recent Service to the Profession

2016-               Sociologists for Trans Justice, American Sociological Association
2013, 2018      Program Organizer, Bay Area Sociologists for Women in Society Chapter
2018-2019       Program Committee, ASA Body/Embodiment Section
2018-2019       Local Planning Member, Pacific Sociological Association Social Conscience Committee
2014-2017       Communications Committee (Co-Webmaster), ASA Medical Sociology Section
2016-2017       Program Committee, ASA Body/Embodiment Section
2014-2017       Board Member, Journal of Fat Studies
2014-2016       Mentorship Committee, ASA Body/Embodiment Section

Referee: Social Currents, Critical Public Health, International Journal of Men’s Health, Qualitative Health Research, Social Problems, Journal of Fat Studies, Archives of Sexuality Behavior

Departmental/Campus Service

2018                CSU East Bay Sociology Department Faculty Search Committee
2018                CSU East Bay Committee on Research Faculty Support Grant Taskforce
2018                CSU East Bay Committee on Research Faculty Authors Rights Taskforce
2018-2019       CSU East Bay Sociology Department Curriculum Committee
2018-2020       CSU East Bay Committee on Research
2018-2019       CSU East Bay Supporting Students with Complex and Overlapping Challenges Faculty Learning Community
2017-2018       CSU East Bay Grant Writing Faculty Learning Community
2017-2018       Sociology & Social Services Semester Conversion Committee
2016-2017       CSU East Bay Diversity and Social Justice Faculty Learning Community
2014-2016       Student-Faculty Task Force Member, UCSF Social & Behavioral Sciences
2008-2009       Accreditation Committee member, Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) Accreditation
2007-2009       Secretary, Indiana University Master of Public Health Association
2008-2009       Co-Chair, Campus Coalition for Sexual Literacy, Indiana University

Community Service

2018-               USAO Pathways Alumni Mentoring Program (virtual/Chickasha, OK)
2017-               Boost (elementary tutoring program), Oakland, CA
2011-               Member, Big Moves Bay Area, Berkeley, CA
2014- 2016      Member, About Bodies: A Direct Action Community Group, Oakland, CA


American Sociological Association (ASA)
ASA Section on Body & Embodiment
ASA Section on Sexualities
ASA Medical Sociology Section
Pacific Sociological Association
Society for Family Planning
Abortion Care Network Ally Member
Sociologists for Women in Society (SWS)


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