Many sociologists have a personal connection their research and teaching areas. This page highlights the ways that my work has been featured publicly and how I attempted to connect to audiences both within and outside of sociology and public health.

Media Spotlights

“NAAFA’s 2012 Scholar Takes on The Biggest Loser!” Coverage of my 2012 NAAFA HAES™ Scholar Award presentation.
See also:

“Biggest Loser Criticized.” November 13, 2011.

“‘Biggest Loser’ Sends the Wrong Message”. November 2, 2011.  Video Interview link:

Blog Posts

“Take Root: Finding reproductive justice in my (very red) home state.” March 18, 2012. ANSIRH blog post about attending a reproductive justice conference in my home state of Oklahoma.

“Body Size, Sexuality and Girls: Thinking beyond Correlations.” March 22, 2011. Sexuality & Society blog post (part of the Society Pages) about a research study on sexual activity in young, obese girls.

See my Kinsey Confidential blog archive here. These blogs include coverage of trans* issues, public sociology/activism, disability and sexuality, PCOS, and sexual health education.


Social Media

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