Many sociologists have a personal connection their research and teaching areas. This page highlights the ways that my work has been featured publicly and how I attempted to connect to audiences both within and outside of sociology and public health.

Media Spotlights

“Alumni You Should Know” University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma (BS alma mater)

“NAAFA’s 2012 Scholar Takes on The Biggest Loser!” Coverage of my 2012 NAAFA HAES™ Scholar Award presentation.
See also:

“Biggest Loser Criticized.” November 13, 2011.

“‘Biggest Loser’ Sends the Wrong Message”. November 2, 2011.  Video Interview link:

Blog Posts

“Take Root: Finding reproductive justice in my (very red) home state.” March 18, 2012. ANSIRH blog post about attending a reproductive justice conference in my home state of Oklahoma.

“Body Size, Sexuality and Girls: Thinking beyond Correlations.” March 22, 2011. Sexuality & Society blog post (part of the Society Pages) about a research study on sexual activity in young, obese girls.

See my Kinsey Confidential blog archive here. These blogs include coverage of trans* issues, public sociology/activism, disability and sexuality, PCOS, and sexual health education.


Social Media

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