My research focuses on issues at the nexus of gender, embodiment, body size, sexuality, health and race/class using the tools of medical sociology. In particular, I focus on the experience of fat bodies in various health settings and sexualities including LGBTQ health. See selected publications, works in progress, and selected research presentations below.

Refereed Journal Articles

2018                Ingraham, N. Perceptions of Body Size and Health among Older Queer Women of Size Following Participation in a Health Program. Journal of Culture, Health & Sexuality. Online first.

2018                Ingraham, N., Erin Wingo, & Sarah Roberts. Inclusion of LGBTQ Persons in research related to pregnancy risk: A cognitive interview study. BMJ Sexual & Reproductive Health. Online first.

2018                Gomez, Anu, Arteaga, Stephanie, Ingraham, Natalie, Arcara, Jennet, & Villasenor, Elodia. It’s not planned, but is it okay? The acceptability of unplanned pregnancy among young couples. Women’s Health Issues. 28(5): 408-414.

2018                Wingo, Erin, Ingraham, Natalie, and Roberts, Sarah CM. Reproductive healthcare priorities and barriers to effective care for LGBTQ people assigned female at birth: a qualitative study. Women’s Health Issues. 28(4): 350-357.

2016           Ingraham, N., Harbatkin, D., Lorvick, J., Plumb, M. & Minnis AM. Women’s Health and Mindfulness (WHAM): A Randomized Intervention among Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Health Promotion & Practice.

2016                Ingraham, N., Eliason, ME, Garbers, S., Harbatkin, D., Minnis, AM. McElroy, JA., & Haynes, SG. Effects of Mindfulness Interventions on Health Outcomes in Older Lesbian/Bisexual Women. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S53-S62.

2016                Ingraham, N. Magrini, D. Brooks, J. Harbatkin, D., Radix, A. Haynes, SG. Two Tailored Provider Curricula Promoting Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S36-S42.

2016                Wood, S.F., Brooks, J., Eliason, M., Garbers, S., McElroy, J.A., Ingraham, N. Haynes, S.G. Recruitment and Participation of Older Lesbian and Bisexual Women in Intervention Research. Women’s Health Issues, 26: S43-S52.

2016                Fogel, S.C., McElroy, J.A., Garbers, S., McDonnell, C., Brooks, J., Eliason, M., Ingraham, N., Osborn, A., Rayyes, N., David Redman, S., Wood, S., & Haynes, S.G. “Program Design for Healthy Weight in Lesbian and Bisexual Women: A Ten-City Prevention Initiative.” Women’s Health Issues 26: S7–17.

2015                Garbers S, McDonnell C, Fogel SC, Eliason M, Ingraham N, McElroy JA, Radix A, Haynes SG. (2015) Aging, weight, and health among adult lesbian and bisexual women: a metasynthesis of the multisite “Healthy Weight Initiative” focus groups. LGBT Health, 2(2): 176-187.

2015                Ingraham, N., Pratt, V., & Gorton, N. Counting Trans* Patients: A Community Health Center Case Study. Transgender Studies Quarterly, 2(1): 136-147

2015                Eliason, M., Ingraham, N., Fogel, S., Lorvick, J., Maurey, D.R., McElroy, J., & Haynes, S. A Systematic Review of the Literature on Weight in Sexual Minority Women. Women’s Health Issues, 25(2):162-75. doi: 10.1016/j.whi.2014.12.001.

2014                Satinsky, Sonya. & Ingraham, Natalie. At the intersection of Public Health and Fat Studies: Critical perspectives on the measurement of body size. Journal of Fat Studies, 3(2). DOI: 10.1080/21604851.2014.889505

2014                Ingraham, Natalie., Roberts. Sarah & Weitz, Tracy. Prior Family Planning Experiences of Obese Women Seeking Abortion Care. Women’s Health Issues, 24(1), e125-e130.

2013                Ingraham, Natalie. Queering Pornography Through Qualitative Methods. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. 3969-3992

Book Chapters & Encyclopedia Entries

2015                Ingraham, Natalie. (2015) “Queering Porn: Gender and size diversity within SF Bay Area Queer Pornography”. Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism. Ed. Caroline Walters and Helen Hester. London: Routledge.

2015                Ingraham, Natalie. “AVN (Adult Video News)”, “Pornography, Genres of (overview)” and “Pornography: Feminist Porn Awards.” The Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality. Ed. Mark LaFlaur, Patricia Whelehan, and Ann Bolin. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell.

Manuscripts in Progress

Ingraham, Natalie. (draft accepted, under review by editors). “Fat Studies and Public Health” International Encyclopedia of Fat Studies. Editor: Cat Pausé & Sonya Renee-Taylor

Ingraham, Natalie (draft accepted, under revision) “Health at Every Size (HAES™) as a Reform (Social) Movement within Public Health: A Situational Analysis”. Book Chapter in The Body & Embodiment Handbook, Ed. Natalie Boero & Kate Mason. Oxford University Press.

Ingraham, Natalie. “Out of Touch, Out of Time: Older Queer Women’s Engagement with Fat Acceptance Movements”.

Ingraham, Natalie. “’Mend this Fractured Family’: Sin, Redemption, and Familial Citizenship on NBC’s The Biggest Loser.”

Other Publications

2016                Ingraham, Natalie. “Weight Stigma, Gender & Medicine: A Tale of Two Times” November 14.

2012                Ingraham, Natalie. “Take Root: Finding reproductive justice in my (very red) home state.” March 18.

2011                Ingraham, Natalie. “Body Size, Sexuality and Girls: Thinking beyond Correlations.” March 22.


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